Mirror collections is part of classic furniture in the design of solid material which is a very cold liquid because the molecules are arranged like water, but the cohesion makes its shape stable. This happens because the cooling process is very fast. This also makes the mirror collections a mirror that can be used as a particular function. Mirror is an amorphous (non-crystalline) solid material that is transparent and transparent (translucent), usually also fragile or easily broken. Ice glass is glass with a certain pattern texture on one side. The character of this glass provides decorative effects, lighting effects, and interesting shading effects, and is able to reduce glare to the maximum in classic furniture.

Classic mirror collections furniture used in buildings is solid with several designs in the frame that fall into the category of luxury classic furniture so that it can be a supporting part for your room that has a thick room design or with a classic furniture theme in your home. mirrors can also function in the application to be a decoration for your home that has some craft to be a decoration in your room. Mirror is usually installed on the wall because it has a classic furniture style frame by following the accent of the wall so that it adds a good decoration on your wall and in its implementation mirror collections can be useful to be used on cabinets, tables and in the bedroom.

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Cabinet Collections

Belfast Classic Mirror and Table


Loose Furniture

Ambrogio Wooden Frame B Mirror


Loose Furniture

Kelly Wooden Frame Mirror


Loose Furniture

Amato Wooden Frame Mirror


Loose Furniture

Davina Classic Mirror and Buffet


Ceros Home Office Set

Ceros Classic Mirror


Audrey Dining Set

Audrey Wooden Mirror


Dining Room Furniture

Elizabeth Classic Mirror


Bedroom Furniture

Chiara Classic Mirror


Bedroom Furniture

Urania Classic Mirror


Alexa Bedroom Furniture

Alexa Mirror


Artika Living Set

Artika Classic Mirror