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Maybe if we talk about classic dining table furniture, but what about just classic dining chair furniture, surely you are confused about how to find a dining chairs that fits the table that can also be adjusted to the design of classic furniture. For that, here are tips for choosing a quality dining chairs to make your home’s dining room more comfortable when eating a variety of dishes.

Classic Furniture Design

is a way to choose a dining chairs that is very important for you. Each house must have its own interior design theme, including the dining room. If you are carrying a classic furniture theme, then you should choose a dining chairs that fits the theme of a classic furniture table product, both in terms of color, model, and theme. That way the dining room will bring up a very solid feel that makes eating more comfortable. You also provide dining chairs with attractive accessories, such as pedestal or other trinkets to support the atmosphere of classic furniture.

Size for classic chair furniture

classic furniture It often happens that the size of the chair is much bigger than a table. make sure you choose a dining chair that fits the size of the table, especially if you use a minimalist table theme. Chairs with the same model to be the right choice for you to appear harmony between the table and your dining chairs. Not only that, the dining room can look spacious and spacious like the concept of classic furniture. In addition, with a smaller seat size, you do not have difficulty sliding the chair when you want to move or just reach out to dishes. Ideally dining chairs have a height of 25-30 inches.

Material suitable for classic furniture

dining chairs that have a good design but do not have good durability, choose a chair that has reliable materials. In Indonesia alone, quality dining chairs are usually made of teak and mahogany to be the main material for making classic furniture. Both of these materials have been known to have long durability so that they are not easily damaged even though they are used for years.

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