Wisanka Outdoor Furniture Virtual Showroom

Welcome to Indonesia Classic Furniture Manufacturer. We are a manufacturer of classic and unique furniture. We serve export sales to all over the world without exception. You can see our other furniture products at the Wisanka outdoor furniture virtual showroom.

We have several furniture products that are currently trending. You can follow the link below to the main website. If you have any questions, you can directly ask in the live chat on this website. Do you want to order furniture, request our furniture catalog or you request a pricelist, you can directly send an inquiry to us.

Indonesia Classic Furniture Manufacturer is a company that was founded in 1993. Since then we have also exported furniture to all corners of the world. So we have experience in exporting to countries in the world and the regulations that apply there. The products we have are handmade and unique products. All the products we have are the work of furniture craftsmen. We do not use machines to automate furniture products in our company. All purely from the great work of extraordinary furniture craftsmen.

Wisanka Outdoor Virtual Reality Showroom

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We do invite everyone to a fully personalized experience of our virtual reality tour with just a simple finger sliding and clicking. We would be very happy to assist you and discuss via email, chat room, and scheduled video call to complete your virtual business journey with us.

This is our honor to present an immersive and dynamic digital experience to the world by launching our latest wide range of designs and materials. Please click the link below and welcome to our Outdoor Virtual Reality Tour.
We would also like to thank our amazing team who contributed their time and energy to complete this project.

Wisanka Outdoor Virtual Reality Showroom

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