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Arm Chair is one of the classic furniture which is very much needed for its existence in every household, especially because its function is very important for both wear and artistic objects. Chair with its main function as a seat to provide comfort aspects in accordance with its shape, especially if we refer to one type of chair that fits the title of this article namely arm chairs. One type of chair that is equipped with armrests on the left and right sides of this chair in addition to having an elegant and attractive appearance also provides a more level of comfort compared to a chair without arms. With an arm design like this classic furniture chair can be described as someone in a sitting position while holding the knee, and when the classic armchair is sitting also provides a comfortable sitting position with hands leaning on a comfortable armrests on the part in classic furniture.

antique armchair with classic furniture style Comfort obtained from a sitting position with an armchair like this is actually obtained from the help of spinal support with the armrest of a chair supporting the arm of someone sitting in the chair. classic furniture chair With this sitting position the spine becomes lighter when supporting the body when sitting, so the body does not get stiff. With functions that provide extra comfort, the classic arm chair design also has extra artistic value. Chairs classic furniture with designs like this are usually used for the living room, porch, dining room, work space, and do not rule out the possibility to function as a seat in front of the dressing table in the bedroom classic furniture.

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