The luxurious classic basilio dining set furniture was made as a benchmark for homeowners to show the economic level of their lives is one room that does not need a lot of decoration and also a lot of decoration. Enough with the design theme you choose, classic will be the best place to share with family is not only a place to eat together and gather with family, but the has a multifunctional role to entertain guests who come to the house. For this reason, the design of the classic dining set furniture must be highly considered in order to give a good impression.

The luxurious basilio dining set furniture hangs synonymous with crystal chandeliers that hang right above the table. No need for a heavy, heavy and expensive chandelier. Simply use a chandelier with unique decoration and not excessive, you can get Luxury also does not mean having to use with lots of intricate details. A luxurious family room can also be realized by creating a relaxed, simple, elegant and attractive impression that is attractive in the room. Here are various inspirations for luxurious designs with many styles and concepts. Well, for those of you who are still confused in choosing what kind of classic dining set design is suitable for your home, let’s take a look at the inspirational below. There are two types of luxury to choose from, namely classic-style luxury dining set and modern-style with combination classic furniture in indonesia

Basilio Dining Set

Basilio Classic Dining Set