Italian Furniture

Italian furniture is a style of furniture that always holds worldwide appeal. It is a classical style with such charm and informality, and it is hardly surprising why it has become very popular indeed. Also known as the Tuscan style for the area of Italy in which these looks were first influenced, it is characterised by highly decorative designs that combine other materials that we normally associate with home furnishings such as marble and iron work. Italian furniture also combines unique architectural elements within the design, making it great to look at and also sturdy in structure for even the most riotous of homes.

The most modern style of Italian furniture that we associate with Tuscany can be dated back to about the fourteenth century, which is when most of Europe went through a major architectural design overhaul. The features that were developed for buildings and other structures led to the appearance of Italian furniture, as we know it today, with scrolling works of iron, mosaics and also for them to be heavily decorated. It is simple features and design structures such of these that make Italian furniture so easy to distinguish from any other style of furniture.

Pieces that belong in the Italian furniture bracket tend to be thought of as large and grandiose in appearance, but this is not necessarily so. There are also smaller and more adaptable pieces that can be used in the home, but as a general rule, these are not considered to be classic Italian furniture items.

Italian homes are renowned for having great welcoming atmospheres and features, and with socialising so often happening in the kitchen, most people now look to use an Italian furniture influence in this room. The furniture is large and inviting and suitable for big families, and other pieces of this style tend to follow the same guidelines for all rooms.

When it comes to Italian furniture, there are a number of different styles in which you can choose from, as it is in fact used as a collective term for a number of different genres. The Baroque style, the Renaissance style and the Rococo styles are all part of the furniture styles of Italy, so when thinking of Italian furniture there are a massive group of different genres and differing styles to which you can make your decision from.

Each Italian furniture genre has its own slightly different styles but they all seem to be intricate in appearance and welcoming in design. They may differ in size and amount of ornamental design but they tend to follow the same family influenced theme and look great in any home where a family lives.

The trade and design of Italian furniture is a master skill that has been passed down throughout many generations, and despite the fact that the styles have massively changed the workmanship and care into every item has not changed at all. It still maintains the same quality now in modern life that it did all those years ago, when the style of Italian furniture was first introduced to the rest of Europe.