Louis Philippe Furniture Manufacturer

Louis Philippe Style:

The Louis Philippe Furniture Manufacturer, which is still very much in vogue today, is derived from a nineteenth-century French style. It takes its name from the monarch who reigned from 1830 to 1848. The simple softly rounded lines with very little ornamentation and darker woods such as mahogany, palissandre, and walnut are its distinctive features. Table and commode surfaces are frequently topped with marble.

If you want to create a look of quiet, understated luxury, then this might be just your style. And as manufacturers offer entire collections in this style, it is easy to coordinate your look.

Sleigh Bed:

A sleigh bed can make any bedroom look special. The headboard is much higher than the footboard, and both have the curvilinear lines of a sleigh. Although traditionally made in dark wood, some contemporary beds are available in lighter wood and even metal.

Dining Room Sets:

The dining room should be warm and welcoming, and this style lends itself to that very well. The color, beauty, and grain of the wood is a focal point of this style and these attributes can create a sense of richness along with the fluid and graceful lines. Louis Philippe Furniture Manufacturer.


For storage, you will find many options in armoires, sideboards, and chests or commodes as they were called in French. It can be difficult to find actual antique pieces from this period, but a lot of furniture manufacturers offer an updated look. You might find marble tops on these pieces sometimes, and the metal drawer pulls create interesting accents.

Coffee Tables:

Besides offering a convenient place to set down appetizers and drinks, coffee tables can also dress up a room. Bring a drab room to life with a Louis Philippe coffee table.

Although devoid of excessive ornamentation, these coffee tables do offer enough surface interest with the wood and veneers that are used. Sometimes metal accents are used for additional interest.