How to Maintain Leather Furniture

Some Useful Tips to Maintain your Leather Furniture

Below how to care for furniture leather products

1. Try to place your leather furniture in locations where it will not be exposed to excessive sunlight that causes the color to fade.
2. Use shades, blinds or draperies to help block UV rays. Window tinting often helps.
3. Maintain a safe distance between your leather furniture and heat sources in your home.
4. Keep sharp objects away from the leather furniture. Pens, pencils, pets with sharp claws can create scratches.
5. Newspapers or magazines printers’ inks can leach into the leather if kept in contact for a long time.

Cleaning (Finished Leather)

1. Place a small amount of a gentle, moisturizing soap such as Dove on a damp cloth and bring it to a light lather.
2. Rub the damp cloth on the leather without putting too much water on the leather.
3. Wipe away lather with a fresh damp cloth. Don’t rinse the leather in water.
4. Polish leather with a dry towel.
5. Treat leather with a leather conditioner after it has dried completely.

Cleaning (Unfinished Leather)

1. Use a damp cloth or sponge to rub saddle soap into the leather; work soap into a light lather.
2. Wipe away lather and allow to air dry.
3. Oil leather with a leather preservative such as mink oil.

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