How to Take Care of Classic Furniture

How to Take Care of Classic Furniture. If you have classic furniture at home. To make it look luxurious and radiate an aura that is good at home, you should do the following things.

1. Clean old furniture regularly. To prevent dirt buildup, dust your furniture regularly. When you do the routine of cleaning dust in your home, take a cloth and get rid of all the dirt that has accumulated in old furniture.

If you use aerosols to clean furniture, look for soft ones or don’t use antique furniture.

2. Keep old furniture out of the sun. Ultraviolet light is very dangerous for antiques, so you are not advised to expose it in the sun.

Do not leave old furniture outdoors, especially in the shade.

Do not keep old furniture near the window, because it can be exposed to sunlight from outside.

3. Use an air humidifier in a dry environment. Antique furniture is influenced by humidity in the air. Changes in humidity can cause the wood to contract and crack. Store moisturizers in the room where you keep antiques. This will keep the humidity stable and minimize the negative effects of changes in air humidity.

4. Remove old furniture immediately if you suspect a pest attack. Antique furniture can be very valuable, so you are not advised to expose it to pests. Some types of insects, such as beetles, like rats and mice, will gnaw furniture. If you see a pest attack in your home, remove old furniture immediately. Keep it somewhere else until you resolve the problem.

Check old furniture for loose or damaged parts before removing it. It is not recommended that you place furniture in an unstable or uneven area.

Transport the chair by taking it from the chair. Move the table by carrying it using a platform or legs. Always drag furniture, especially large ones, to the floor instead of lifting it.