Home Design with a combination of Classic and Modern styles

Even though nowadays there are many modern classic furniture and minimalist home designs that stand up and attract the majority of people to become the main interior design, but also many people who want to apply the Classic House Design to their home with an elegant element The owner wants a timeless style of house that takes time but also keeps up with the trends of the times, then mixes classic house styles with modern house shapes so as to create harmony resulting in a beautiful modern classic home design, this style presents luxury in your dwelling because it has elements that coherent made for the main display in your home.

Modern Classic Home Design

Modern Classic House Design is to bring up the idea of ​​layout space, then process and elaborate between classical architectural styles and modern architecture in such a way, until finally articulated in the preparation of space elements can actually adapt to changing times, and of course adjust to regional specifications and the regionality to combine the two design models requires the right touch because it can not reduce the elements of each and maintain the characteristics that exist in design. The characteristics of the shape and appearance of modern classic home designs pay attention to the use of local / local materials so that they do not lose their regional identity. Modern classical home design In principle, a combination of expertise, technological development, industry and art with regionalism (human and environmental) without reducing the sense of unity called humanity, reason and art from modern classical architecture.

Feodora Bedroom Furniture

To design a good Modern Classical House is certainly not easy, for this reason it is necessary first as to whether the understanding of modern classical architecture that is suitable for homes adapted to our residence that has several functions needed to be designed. In this house the application of modern classical home design lies in the combination of the shape of the cube / square in most buildings which are characteristic of a minimalist modern style with a curved shape on the front facade, the shape of doors and windows and also carved furniture ornament that is attached to most buildings and of course combined with the shape of the roof shield from the tile which is characteristic of buildings with a tropical climate in Indonesia and do not forget to use local materials that further strengthen the regional identity.

In modern classical home design, the house or building is a session in the development of architecture where space is the main object to be processed. If in the classical architecture period it was more concerned with how to process facades, ornaments, and other aspects of a physical quality, then in modern classic furniture home design the non-physical and physical qualities were the same as the strength in designing. The dominant colors used are bright colors like white and cream (classic) combined with dark colors like black and gray, so it looks more modern. The use of natural stones on some walls such as granite travertine and andhesite stones reinforce the modern classical style that is applied. In building the desired residence you must first understand what style suits your desires. If you lack architectural knowledge, you better ask for the help of an architectural consultant / exterior consultant who certainly has better knowledge than you, do not force to design your own building, which of course will make the results not optimal.