[EVENTS] Furniture and Living Nitra 2020


Furniture and Living Nitra 2020 | Furniture and Interior Decoration Exhibition. Hello, furniture lovers all over the world. Soon there will be a big furniture event in Slovakia. Which will be held in Nitra City. You can visit it at the Agrokomplex International Exhibition Center.
In the Furniture and Interior Decoration Exhibition in Nitra, Slovakia there will be a lot of furniture to be exhibited. You can come directly to see the local furniture manufacturers, namely from Slovak furniture manufacturers or even from well-known furniture manufacturers from abroad. When is the Furniture and Living Nitra 2020 event? Record and remember the date of the Nitra 2020 furniture and living event as follows.
Event date March 10, 2020 – March 15, 2020
Location Agrokomplex Nitra Exhibitions, Nitra, Slovakia
Contact 421-37-6572-203
[email protected]
Category Wallpaper Furniture
Upholstery Fabrics Furniture
Upholstered Furniture Units
Office Furniture
Nursery Equipment Furniture
Materials Furniture
Living-Room Suites Furniture
Lighting Fittings Furniture
Lamps Furniture/ Lighting Furniture
Kitchen Furniture
Home Textiles Furniture
Garden Furniture
Furniture Supplies
Furniture Fittings
Furniture design
Carpets Furniture
Bedroom Suites Furniture
Bathroom Furniture


You can also see a collection of furniture produced by our furniture factory. There are some products that we load. among them are as follows.
Classic furniture
This classic furniture is classic, colonial, artistic and luxurious furniture. We can produce 1 container order in just a few weeks. If you like classic themed furniture, it doesn’t hurt to use furniture like the following. Check Product Classic Furniture
Teak Wood Furniture
In the world of furniture, if you are not familiar with teak, it will taste bland. In certain areas, for example, the city of Jepara, which is very well known, is teak furniture. Why should teak be your choice? You can open my article about the benefits of using teak. One that you must understand is the use of teak wood in the manufacture of the furniture that can last for decades. If in Indonesia the cushion for the colonial era railroad using teak wood. In certain areas still durable until now. If you want to have furniture that is durable and of good quality, we recommend using furniture with raw materials from teak wood. Good for outdoor furniture or for indoor furniture. Check Product Teak Wood Furniture
teak wood furniture
Green furniture
The taste of using furniture at home with smooth results may have been too play the stream. You can use furniture with a reclaimed teak wood base or use used teak wood for furniture making. Usually, this type of furniture is very durable in the long term. There are many choices if you want to know about green furniture produced by our factory. Which is much preferred is the rustic theme. Check Green Furniture Product
Ranke Rustic Coffee Table

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