What You Need to Know About The Best Antique Repro Furniture Jepara Indonesia

Presuming that you are fond of classic colonial furniture, you may ask, “Where to start?”. Decorating your home with the classic colonial furniture does not have to be that hard. The point of the classic colonial style is elegant, luxurious, and rich. Think about the best antique repro furniture Jepara Indonesia. Think about teak, mahogany, oak, and other high-class wood. Some of the terms are the crown moldings, windows shutters, panels, quilts, rich texture, and colonial typical colors.

Finding the genuine colonial style center is not as hard as you think. You will come across the reproduction that will fit in with the existing decoration in your home. It is also a great idea to decor your house from scratch.

The most important aspect to identify the colonial style is the overall look and the feel of the room where your new focal point will exist. It can be anything depending on the room you want to refurbish. For instance, you are working to your living room. Then you might want to consider to give specific look by adding the unique TV cabinet in colonial style. The classic colonial furniture in Indonesia was influenced by European craftsmen who created more ornate furniture. Besides the overall feel, you may need to pay attention to the details.

The craftsman in the 18th century focused on the strong and sturdy woods. You can’t go wrong with mahogany, teak, and oak hardwood. These woods are often transformed into more ornate furniture pieces.

The other to notice is the legs of the furniture. Curved leg with a foot, and sometimes a claw foot is a typical characteristic of the colonial style. However, you could also alternate to conservative furniture with block leg.

Then you might need to pay attention to the placement. Once you find the focal point which can enhance your decor, you need to know where to place the classic colonial furniture. It sounds so simple, but placing it in specific spot will make it appear more original. For instance, the cabinets in 18th were the center of the home, or we can say that it is the centerpiece. Or you could place your TV stand as the centerpiece of your living room. We know that TV entertainment was not something prevalent in the colonial age. But we can make it work for the modern house.

“Why mahogany, oak, teak?” You may ask sort of question. These classy wood were very prevalent for classic homeowners in the colonial age in Indonesia. Dutch and American influences were attached to the colonial style homes in Indonesia. That’s why you will easily find the best antique repro furniture Jepara Indonesia. Although there is no strict rule about the wood that you pick for classic home design, you can’t go wrong with the woods mentioned before. Furniture pieces with carvings and inlays are the solid example of the classic colonial masterpieces.

Bed Classic Furniture

Colonial houses, hotels, or palaces often come with extra spaces, promoting spacious rooms and open areas. Folks in the colonial time had really nailed their home decoration. They managed to keep the simplicity without overlooking the elegance and the class the house was shown. Crown moldings and panels are very prevalent for spacious areas.

Shutters could be found anywhere in most colonial houses. Shutters can be closed and opened whenever you want. When the shutters were closed, it offered protection from the environment and also strangers in the outside. Not to mention that it added more styles to the home. Nowadays, shutters are much prevalent for the styles too. The colonial style focuses on the shutters. So if you see any so-called colonial houses which own curtains or blinds, they are not accurately right. Shutters are more prevalent.

Colonial houses focus on primary colors but they are muted due to the paint used during the colonial period. Walls can be painted with the muted colors as you want, or you can consider beautiful wall decoration like floral designs.

Classic Kitchen Set

The colonial kitchen is mostly made of wood. But you could also use murmur or marble for your kitchen counter top. Consider wooden cabinets and cupboards. And as usual, you will expect to install the windows shutters for the brightness and air.

In many practices, it is very practical to choose the furniture pieces first, then the decoration of the room. A room which is furnished with the repro furniture Jepara Indonesia, for instance, will work well with the muted colors of the walls in the room.

When decorating a colonial room, it is crucial to know the ambiance that you want to achieve. It supports the fact that furniture and furnishings can be separated. The repro furniture Jepara Indonesia is usually manufactured on-site by companies like Wisanka, Indonesia Classic Furniture. The classic colonial furniture is crafted by professional artists and communities, and marketed from the central company, Wisanka.

EROS Living Set

You have the liberty to decorate your room fully with classic colonial furniture, or you can just do particular colonial design. Either way, you can’t go wrong with adding the stylish Kasha Living Set, Eros Gold Living Set, or Fausta Living Set in your living room. You could also consider adding the loose classic colonial furniture as an occasional furniture or completely the accent piece. A single plant style can accentuate the room really well. The next thing to do is just to put your vase on it, and the fresh flower. This will be awesome.

Most homeowners won’t like to spend a thousand bucks for hefty originals. Some can afford them, some can’t. However, the repro furniture pieces are just as good as the originals. Experts will notice the difference. But they will be amazed at the repro products! The only difference is when they are made. An artist is an artist, whether from the 18th century or the 21st century. So you will get the most authentic classic colonial furniture from classic furniture manufacturer. The Dutch classic colonial furniture might appear magnificent and exquisite to us. But it won’t erase the fact that they were daily items used in the colonial ages. For this reason, having such classy home decoration is very feasible for you.