Luxury classic kitchen furniture with carvings dominated by gold

The classic kitchen literally means a place that is usually in the house where someone does the activity of processing and providing food or food every day to be made a dish that is ready to be served for this activity called cooking. With the development of kitchen culture and technology, there have been a number of changes to the shape of the kitchen classic furniture from kitchen equipment used to support cooking needs. Generally, the kitchen is divided and divided into two types, namelyclean kitchenand dirty kitchen. Clean kitchen can be placed near the family room, or dining table, because it functions to put cooked food. As for the dirty kitchen classic furniture, it functions to carry out the cooking process, so that the location is also behind.

Having a beautiful nirvana kitchen will certainly be more complete if we ourselves are comfortable when using it with some classic furniture will encourage you to make the kitchen more luxurious. In fact, convenience is a major factor compared to just being beautiful because it can be equipped with some work that can be placed in your kitchen. To make the atmosphere of space architecture and kitchen interior architecture become comfortable for users like you have a classic furniture design needs to consider several aspects and many things that must be adjusted. Starting from the size of the kitchen in accordance with the proportions of its use, the comfort of the temperature of space architecture and interior architecture, adequate lighting, air circulation, as well as clean water and dirty water systems, and electrical installation systems for kitchen equipment if you already have these elements you can start to design with classic furniture style.

Nirvana Kitchen Set

Nirvana Kitchen furniture as a place to cook must be relieved and neat so that you can apply several design options that you want such as classic furniture, while supporting items for it are very much as a complementary place for cooking furniture. To store cutlery can be stored in the kitchen classic furniture set at the top which has carvings and is dominated by gold color which adds a very elegant storage, while to store cooking utensils you can use the storage at the bottom which has a large enough storage capacity, food ingredients you can even use a gas cylinder under the kitchen table to function as a useful place. Not all items in the kitchen classic furniture must be cupboarded. There are some things that are good for display and can be seen as glasses, spoons and bottles. For a small kitchen while the goods to be accommodated still need a place to accommodate these items by hanging them.

The kitchen can be divided into 3 main parts. The first is the activity of storing food. To store food, storage areas are needed, namely cupboards and refrigerators. The second is the activity of preparing ingredients, that is, washing, mixing, and cutting foodstuffs with a large place identical to your classic furniture design. It is also easy to place the main part in the kitchen classic furniture to be used as an additional place. For this purpose requires a preparation area in the form of a table and sink. The third is cooking, in this case it takes a place or area to put a stove or microwave. These three areas should ideally not be placed haphazardly. There is a theory of laying in the kitchen classic furniture known as a triangle. That is, the area of ​​preparation, cooking, and storage, should form a triangular groove because it will make efficient in doing activities in the kitchen by making it easier to be part of classic furniture that makes a loose place in some parts of the kitchen classic furniture. So that if the work will be repeated the flow will remain the same and not interfere with other work.

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