How to Take Care of Antique Furniture

How to Take Care of Antique Furniture. Antique furniture becomes a valuable item for each owner. Antiques make it look authoritative for the host. In its care, of course, do not damage our antique furniture, we must treat it with caution. In order for our antique furniture to be more enchanting and more visible its beauty. Here are tips for keeping antique furniture. Avoid trouble cleaning and caring

  1. Consult an antique expert before trying to restore or modify antique furniture. If you have an expensive or collectible age, don’t try to return it yourself. Talk to antique dealers in your area and ask for advice. If you are not familiar with furniture restoration techniques, you may want to hire a professional instead of trying to restore it yourself.
  2. Test your cleaner on a small amount of furniture before using it. You must ensure that the cleaner you choose does not damage your old furniture. Do a small amount of test on a small area of ​​furniture that is not easily seen, such as under a chair. Wait a few hours and check the results. If you don’t see any damage or discoloration to the furniture, the cleaner is most likely safe to use.
  3. Avoid using oil on very old furniture. Some oil cleaners, like Murphy’s Oil, are safe to use on old furniture if you thaw them. However, in the case of very old furniture, it is recommended to choose candles over oil-based products. Remember that wax-based cleaners will help protect the wood and clean it.
  4. Do not try to remove paint from furniture. It is common to pay attention to old paint or peeling on the surface of antiques. Maybe, your first impulse is to get rid of the colors, but it is not recommended to do so and that can negatively affect the value of your furniture.

Typically, collectors look for antiques that are as close to the original as possible, including peeling or stained paint. If one day you intend to sell your antiques, you should avoid changing the paint.

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