How to Combine Classic and Modern Furniture

One furniture trend currently in fashion is to combine classic and modern furniture. Possibilities that allow you to match your home furnishings with certain results with pleasant contrast. Although it is not impossible, this type of combination is not easy to make if someone only relies on improvisation.

Adjust the environment

The styles that can be used to complement your home are numerous, from trendy to more traditional and repeatedly reported on these pages, preserving your favorite style as the only piece of furniture for your home allows you to have the size and awareness of what you have. deed.

Avoiding too many different styles from one room to another is a safe choice, but this consistency is not always a guarantee of good results: in classic furniture, it is important to avoid the effects of museums, as in modern furniture. avoid sterile and cold results. Even the most beautiful furniture will truly be “yours” only if you can adjust it to make it live with you in the space that represents you: your home.

Combining classic and modern furniture is the possibility to personalize home furniture with surprising results: minimal and modern elements can be useful to reduce classic furniture that is “too demanding”, while objects and furniture from the past can warm environments that are too cold. modern context.

Very good to be included in the classic context

Combine classic and modern furniture for successful decoration.
There are no predetermined rules for combining classic and modern furniture, but several aspects must be taken into account.

First of all, you need to determine the “dominant style” of your furniture. Then you can choose details in the “opposite style” to be included. If the dominant style is the classic one, you will choose several accessories with a minimalist design. Conversely, in a modern environment, you can introduce rustic wooden furniture.

To avoid the impression of being casual and without logic, avoid decorating the room by mixing furniture and objects with a little style and a little else, without letting the main subject appear.

Add a few pieces. Matching pairs are those that succeed in giving the right weight to each element. “Inserts”, modern in classical and vice versa, with simplicity must highlight and enhance context.
Don’t overload the space, remember the proportion especially in the insertion of antique furniture, this often has dimensions that cannot be compared with modern apartment spaces.

The color of the elements you want to insert must match the colors that are already in the furniture that will welcome them. For the preferred form contrast simple and linear elements in a classic context and vice versa. The wrong combination destroys all types of combinations.

A rococo writing desk that can vaguely fit into a modern style bedroom. Even antique-style chairs can be fine, or a nice chest of drawers to enjoy the charm of the past. At the foot of the bed, an antique rod can give a good impression.

If the room is in an antique style, several pieces of modern design can be included: chairs, lamps, or floor lamps.

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