How to Clean Antique Furniture Wood

How to Clean Antique Furniture Wood. Antique and valuable furniture will definitely have a layer of dirt on its surface due to years of exposure to dust, dirt and environmental emissions. If you want to clean old furniture, do it with care because you don’t want to ruin it using a strong chemical cleaner.

Make sure to take care of the furniture by cleaning and polishing it as often as possible.

1. Clean the furniture Choose a mild cleanser.

To get started, choose a mild cleanser. Because you want to keep antique furniture from being damaged, strong chemicals are not recommended. Light dishwashing detergent dissolved in water is a safe choice for cleaning most antiques. Use dishwashing detergent by hand, remember that detergents used in dishwashers are more acidic. If dishwashing detergent does not work to remove dirt, you should choose a cleaner that is slightly stronger. Some furniture cleaning products, such as Murphy Oil, might work, but use only a small amount. You are not advised to use any oily products on the surface of antique furniture. Some experts think that wax paste, which you can buy at most hardware stores and department stores, is a better choice for cleaning antiques than oil.

2. Rub the surface with a soft cloth and cleanser that you have chosen.

To begin, wet the cloth with the small amount of cleaning you have chosen. Rub the surface gently with the same cloth until it no longer removes dirt or grime. Avoid rubbing, as this can damage antique furniture. Instead, use gentle cleaning movements. Move the fabric in the direction of the wood fiber.

3. Remove stains that are glued with steel wool.

Some areas may have patches or congested dirt. You can use steel wool to remove it as long as the wool is # 0000 and work in places with smooth movements. Rub it towards the wood fiber. Continue rubbing until unwanted dirt and dust disappears. Make sure you don’t apply too much strength. This can damage the coating.

4. Use a toothbrush to reach places that are difficult to reach.

Some furniture areas, such as corners or curves, may be difficult to clean with a cloth. For this part, use a toothbrush. Dip the brush in the cleaning solution and rub the hard-to-reach parts, following the wood scratches, until the dust and dirt are gone.

5. Clean the furniture and let it dry.

After you finish cleaning it, you can wipe the entire surface with a dry cloth. Use gentle movements to absorb as much liquid as possible and the furniture feels relatively dry to the touch. Allow the air to dry a little more before continuing with the cleaning process.

6. Polish the furniture when finished.

After the furniture is dry, add a layer of the polisher. This will make the final result shine and give a pleasing appearance to the antiques. To polish it, just take a clean cloth and place it on the surface of the furniture until it shines. It’s better to avoid applying furniture polishes, especially those based on silicon, to antiques. That’s how to care for and clean antique furniture and classic furniture. Hope it can be useful for you. If you need antique furniture and classic furniture products, please contact us. We are willing to ship our large quantity of furniture products to cities in your country. We are accustomed to exporting our furniture products to countries on 5 continents in the world.