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Furniture Production from Jepara

Jepara furniture manufacture. We are engaged in furniture exporters made from Jepara Indonesia. Our range of products can be categorized as follows:

  1. Bedroom Furniture

    Sleep. What first comes to mind when you hear this one word? did you get enough sleep last night? Sleep is one important thing and should not be forgotten of its existence in our daily lives. Without enough sleep, we will not be able to move optimally. This, of course, will disrupt our daily lives and certainly, no one wants to experience this right? when sleeping, as much as possible we also get quality sleep. Good sleep quality is influenced by many factors, for example, there is a form of the bed itself or the bedroom environment. An uncomfortable environment will make it difficult to get quality sleep. How do you make a comfortable bedroom? The good news, making a comfortable bedroom is not as difficult as we imagine! Cleanliness is one factor that should not be forgotten when talking about comfort. The bedroom will also be more comfortable when we add various bedroom furniture in it.

    Then what bedroom furniture can we put in the bedroom? Surely we also don’t want to buy too much bedroom furniture, but there are no benefits? Therefore, we also need to be smart in choosing bedroom furniture that is needed. Some bedroom furniture that is usually needed, among others, wardrobe, mattress, cupboard, laundry bag, dressing table, and others. nowadays we can also find various wardrobes. Of course, this is an advantage for us because it can be moved anywhere. This wardrobe can also be made of non-woven fabric which means the material is more environmentally friendly than a cabinet made of plastic. What about mattresses? When choosing a mattress you should choose a comfortable mattress and will certainly make us more restful when sleeping. For example, we can choose a foam mattress that is added with Spring Bonnel which makes the mattress stronger and not easily damaged alias can be durable until used a few years into the future.

  2. Cabinet Collections

    SHELBY Cabinet Furniture Jepara
  3. Dining Room Furniture


    Eating is an inseparable activity in our lives. Eating becomes important in our lives because we live in need of energy sources to survive. As the importance of the dining room in the house. We certainly also need a dining room to eat with family members. Activities to eat with the family together can increase harmony in the household. One of the famous pieces of furniture is from the city of Jepara Indonesia. Furniture Manufacturers in Jepara Indonesia. Below we include some of our products.

    Determining the design of the dining room table furniture is not a difficult matter. However, a mistake in choosing a design will affect the efficiency of the space and comfort of you and your family when you are active in this space. To minimize this, there are several things that you must look at.

    1. Before determining the design of a dining table that is right for the dining room, first know the material. If you want a dining table made of wood, choose solid wood materials such as mahogany, walnut, maple, oak, or teak. Avoid wood materials that are composed, namely processed wood such as particleboard or MDF, because it has weaknesses in terms of health and durability.

    2. If your dining room is small, don’t use a dining table that is too big. Choose a table and chair-size that is as proportional as possible. Ideally, the width of the dining table should not exceed 30% of the dining area.

    3. The shape of the dining room table furniture should be adjusted to the area of ​​the dining room. Rectangular shaped table if placed in a narrow dining room will cause increasingly narrow effects and will take up every space. This table is suitable for large spaces. For small spaces, choose an oval table so that there is free space and not make the room look too crowded. For a round table is actually very fitting to be placed in any room, but should not be in a narrow place.

  4. Home Office Furniture


    Determining a work desk model that suits the atmosphere and feel of the room appropriately will produce a comfortable room to use as a place to work. This will provide positive input on several things that will be done later in the work process. This has been proven by several people who have worked at home activities. Recommendations for the results of Furniture Manufacturers in Jepara Indonesia can be seen in the gallery of home office furniture.

    The person tends to adjust to a comfortable mood and all that will be created if the furniture selection to support the performance is in accordance with what is needed. The following tips on Choosing the Right Work Table Model include:

    1. Adjust the Function and Need of the Workbench

    Be sure about your needs for your desk, for example, whether you will use a laptop or computer on your desk or just write it. Also, make sure there are other equipment that will be placed on your work table such as printers and so forth. This will all affect the design of your desk. Even so, choosing a minimalist work desk is certainly not easy, with the limitations of size.

    2. Choosing the Right Material

    In the selection of materials, you must pay attention to several things, the first is the model of your office building. If your office building is in a classic style, you can use wood in making your minimalist work desk. If your office building is contemporary in style, you can use a metal desk. The second thing you need to pay attention to is your finances, if you are skimping, a plastic workbench is a wise choice.

    3. Choose an Attractive Design

    An attractive work desk will certainly make you more enthusiastic at work. So choose a minimalist work desk design that is attractive and can spoil your eyes, the most important thing is that you do not get bored easily using it. If you are bored, this will affect your morale.

    4. Choose a Comfortable Design

    In addition to an attractive design, comfort while working is certainly your desire. So be smart at choosing a minimalist workbench design that is comfortable for you to use, if your workbench is comfortable enough to use, you will be more comfortable working and certainly not easily tired.

    5. Choose the Color of the Workbench

    Adjust the color of your minimalist work desk with the color and overall design of your workspace. Make sure the color of your work table can blend with the color of office building paint and overall interior design, this will add a comfortable impression for you.

    With the selection of a minimalist work desk that fits and fits, then you will be more enthusiastic about working. Similarly, some tips on choosing a minimalist desk that suits your needs at work may be an inspiration that is useful for you in determining and choosing a minimalist work desk in your workplace.

  5. Kitchen Furniture


    As the development of interior design, this can not be separated from the various themes and design models have been created. This, of course, can help you to determine what design is right for your home. It cannot be separated from the kitchen which is one of the most important room corners at home. Various kitchen models have been created to date that is very attractive and comfortable to look at, making the house look classy and luxurious. But now most people will choose the look of a minimalist kitchen, in addition to a simple but functional and attractive design this design is also not too expensive. Until now many minimalist kitchen designs have been created. Jepara furniture manufacturer makes various types of kitchen furniture designs. What you can see in the kitchen furniture gallery.

    Minimalist kitchen designs are usually characterized by simple cabinet shapes, soft colors in the eyes so the eyes don’t get tired quickly in the kitchen and attractive kitchen furniture. Besides, that kitchen tools are chosen according to the theme of the kitchen, so there is still harmony. You do not need to bother to design a kitchen with limited room size conditions, currently, there are many minimalist kitchen designs that can be adjusted. Or you can use interior design services around your home or on the internet. so you don’t need to bother designing and looking for the fabric itself.

    The accuracy in choosing a minimalist kitchen model can create its own comfort when activities in the kitchen. In addition, the minimalist kitchen is easy to maintain, because the material used is easy to clean. You can also combine it with other room designs, this will make your home more attractive and beautiful, of course, it needs good creativity so the results do not disappoint. Mistakes when creating the interior design is very bad for the comfort of your home. Which can cause rearrangement or the interior design of your home? So that this risk does not occur, just use interior design services that you think can be trusted.

    Guide to Determine the Model of a Home KitchenGuide to Determine the Model of a Home Kitchen
    Look for a convincing interior design service, determine what concepts you want to apply in your kitchen, do not hesitate to ask or consult about minimalist kitchen design to the experts, determine the budget you have so as not to lose money in the future. The minimalist kitchen model can also be applied in a very limited room, with precise measurements, the design you want is the key to having a minimalist dream kitchen.

    Minimalist Kitchen Design adapted from the current minimalist kitchen model, where this design is used in some housing or apartments that usually have a size not large enough. Where the contents of the room are usually only a few, they are only important rooms such as the family room, main room, kitchen, and bathroom. Because the kitchen is one of these important rooms, then you must be good at designing it for maximum comfort and function.

  6. Living Room Furniture


    Tips on determining the right type of guest table and according to the needs of the living room.

    Big moments like religious holidays are often used by people to beautify the house. One room that is often highlighted in terms of decoration is, of course, the living room, because this room is the space most frequently accessed by our relatives or friends. In decorating the living room at home, take a moment of your time to choose the right type of table to complete the living room. The guest table plays a very important role in supporting the function of the living room because here we can put food and drinks that we will serve to guests who visit our home. Jepara furniture manufacturer makes various types of living room furniture designs. What you can see in the Living Room furniture gallery.

    We certainly know, there are several types of tables on the market that provide different designs and functions. The selection of the right type and model of the table for your living room is certainly necessary so that the appearance of your living room becomes more attractive and in harmony with one another. In addition, it is also necessary to consider the function of the guest table that is tailored to our needs.

  7. Loose Furniture

    Chipendale Wooden Desk Drawer
  8. Plant Stand Collections


contacting us. Or you can contact us through the contact I mentioned above. Furniture Manufacturers in Jepara Indonesia only make high-quality products. All the products we sell have passed the minimum quality standards of our company. All products that come out of our company have passed the quality control stage. We are in production using the best materials such as Jepara teak wood furniture, Jepara mahogany furniture. So that products from Jepara furniture manufacture are not easily damaged and are of high quality. You can see more about our products in Jepara Indonesia Furniture products.