Tips to furnish Coffee Table


As a large surface that has a prominent place in many living rooms, the coffee table needs to look good while it serves its function. You want to accessorize it with a few items that look great and compliment the style of the room, but you don't want it to be too crowded or obstruct anyone's view. Here are some tips and ideas for coffee table displays that will make the most of form, function and style.

Like with any tablescape or display, you have to find the right balance of style, texture, and proportion.

This is the element that most people have trouble with. It's not so much about the individual items you place on a table, but about the way they work together as a unit. The items should relate to each other either through color, style, or theme.

Balance and Size
It's important to find balance in your display. You don't want anything huge that will overwhelm the surface, nor do you want anything too small that will get lost. It's also very important not to use anything too high. While it's good to vary the heights of objects, make sure that nothing is so high it obstructs anyone's view when they're sitting around the table.

Coffee Table Display Tips and Ideas

Whatever you do, don't overcrowd the table. It still needs to be functional so there should be enough room to set down drinks, put up feet, or serve whatever purpose your household needs. Remember that displays are meant to enhance to look of a piece, but they shouldn't overwhelm or hurt the piece's functionality.


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