Solid Pine in Furniture Production

Solid pine in Furniture Production

A person’s desire to increase the space around him influences the filling of daily life with real values. That is why natural wood gradually returns to our lives, furniture that is always used to create a comfortable and cozy home atmosphere.
Solid Pine in Furniture Production. Pinewood is considered to be highly demanded, which, as indicated by the collection of the Jepara Wisanka factory, has long been a luxury material that enables real craftsmen to create a quality woodworking union.

Material Features

Apart from solid wood, furniture is often used in furniture production, it is also called spliced ​​furniture boards. This is very necessary when not enough to make the width of the board natural.
A durable net is obtained by combining lamela from solid wood. Thanks to modern technology, these segments are reliably improved among themselves and are no less quality than natural raw materials.
You can distinguish reinforced plates by interlocking and discontinuous fiber patterns. All materials do not have sharp texture transitions, fine lines and gradually replace each other on the entire board surface.

The use of solid pine in the furniture industry

Pinewood is supplied to Wisanka Jepara production, as well as to many other furniture factories, from Jepara Indonesia.
The use of solid pine glued for furniture manufacture – Wisanka Jepara High wear resistance and environmental safety, allows the use of kits and individual elements of this material, almost everywhere – in the kitchen, in the hallway, living room, children’s room, bedroom bed, and other rooms. Due to the natural beauty of the ingredients, redness / brown/light and very effective texture, the furniture that is produced brings warmth and positive energy to the home.
The mild, natural aroma of pine from the pine tree gives a charming and unmatched scent of wildlife. It is not possible to raise the level of machining or painting, which provides protection for the product from environmental influences.
All the characteristic features of this material allow manufacturers to supply the most diverse furniture products from solid pine wood to the world market:
kitchen and cupboards;
children’s sets, tables, and tables;
hallway, bedroom, chair, hanger;
wardrobe space and other furniture, which are guaranteed to be offered by manufacturers for certain sizes and at an affordable price category.
Furniture models produced and sold by Wisanka Jepara emphasize not only the extraordinary beauty of natural materials, but also attract the attention of customers with perfect shapes and perfect lines. All of that has long been marked by furniture made from the heart.
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