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The rustic style of classic furniture in home designs is often described as simple, rustic but will give a very beautiful impression. The style that is often referred to as rural design embraces organic aesthetics both in the use of natural materials, stone and metal as retro furniture and interior materials. Creating an atmosphere that attracts the simplicity and beauty found in the outside world (nature) is a major challenge in the selection of rural styles. So do not be surprised if this style will give the impression of comfort and warmth for its residents. Following are the principles that need to exist in creating a rural style in the home.

Give a natural impression

Using natural ingredients is one of the characteristics of a house that uses a rustic style. That means making more furniture, ceilings or walls filled with wood and stone. Not only that the use of burlap and canvas will be the basic choice of fabric in the use of this style. Because the essence of this rustic style that uses organic elements but still in natural conditions. So do not be surprised if a lot of furniture that will be left looks simple, and naturally looks shiny and colorful.

Use of Natural Color Palettes

To produce a natural impression like in the countryside, of course the color of the palette that matches is natural. When it comes to natural color palettes, many people think brown and beige. But actually the natural color palette also includes shades of green, blue, gray and also red. As long as the color stays with the other elements and produces a warm and homely aesthetic money with interiors in the house. If using this color proves challenging, white can be the safest solution.

Handmade Rustic Furniture

In keeping with the natural theme, rustic furniture is handmade. These are generally simple in design and shape, opened instead. Furniture is usually too big, designed to be comfortable, easy, and comfortable. Heavy teak classic wood furniture, made from raw wood, boards, and stones is common.

stylish furniture

Rural furniture is often made from recycled and reclaimed materials that enhance the sense of repurposing. Unlike contemporary or traditional furniture, rural styles do not have predictable lines or patterns. Often, tree trunks are not purified to make tables and bed frames, offering reliable comfort.

Textiles and Patterns

Rural-style houses are often made with retro furniture made simple and not perfected. Because furniture can be combined with a variety of strong textiles and also a variety of patterns. Several different textiles are often placed side by side, so the room will look complicated but still stylish. By using this style in decorating the room does not require something very interesting. Using winding rugs or wonder skin can be used to add comfort and warmth in the room.

Modern Rustic Style

This style can also be combined with modern styles, elements in this classic furniture style can be installed into any design style as long as it is calculated and filled properly. However, by combining modern styles certainly will not use modern or attractive lighting. Simple elements of the rustic style combined with a clean modern design for a fresh, lightweight and down to earth aesthetic. The rustic style is much heavier, darker and less frequent, so it prefers an older, more modern, more modern style.

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