Outdoor Teak Dining Table and Chairs

Outdoor Teak Wood Dining Table and Chairs

Outdoor Teak Dining Table and Chairs. Modern carved teak dining table models and the latest prices – The dining room is often used as a place to relax together with the family. But there are still many people who ignore the interior design in the dining room so that when there we do not find a unique character in the design.
One of the furniture that influences the dining room interior design is the table. In choosing a dining table of course it should not be careless. Many things we must pay attention to such as the color of the table, and the material used.
Basically, the dining table furniture model will not experience many changes, namely a round shape, rectangular or rectangular shape. Now the dining table is made so that all family members will feel comfortable in the area.
A dining table made of wood is still in great demand. Because the dining table made of wood tends to be much stronger and durable, mainly from teak wood. The teak dining table comes with a variety of models that you can make choices.
Teak Minimalist Dining Table
The most sought after teak dining table furniture model is a minimalist teak table furniture model. Because today most people make homes with minimalist design concepts.
One example of a minimalist teak dining table model is designed on the table legs and chair legs, there are small arches but not carvings.
Luxury Teak Carved Dining Table Model
Carving on the dining table can display the impression of luxury and glamor. This luxurious carved teak table model can only be found in furniture in the city of Jepara. You can also order a table carving according to your taste with the process for 4-6 weeks depending on the difficulty level of the carving product.
Classic Luxury Teak Dining Table Model
Carrying the concept of a classic contemporary dining room using the teak dining table will make your classic dining room concept more interesting. Equipped with chairs that match the color of the theme of the room and also the floor of the room.
Modern Teak Wood Dining Table Model
Teak wood is one type of wood that is known to be durable and of high quality so that it is often used as a material for indoor or outdoor home furniture. Grade A teak wood is a type of teak that is very hard and has a lot of protective oil content that functions as a protector from insects, fungi, water, and weathering processes.
Besides having high quality and more durable teak wood is also very easy to maintain. Cleaning thoroughly can be done once a year even teak dining table furniture can last for decades.
The Advantages of Using Teak Dining Tables
1. Stronger and Long Lasting
Teak has good durability and strength compared to other types of wood. This can be proved by rarely we find dry teak easily broken and broken. Teak also has a long life. So you do not need to hesitate to buy furniture made of teak wood, because the quality is truly tested.
2. Have Beautiful Fiber
This type of teak wood has a distinctive wood fiber. Teak has a variety of patterns that can be seen with the naked eye. Therefore, many people who finish teak wood with natural colors or classic colors, which highlight the original color of teak and show its style. Outdoor Teak Dining Table and Chairs
If you intend to find furniture of the highest quality and with original teak wood, please send an inquiry to us via the Contact Us page. Product choices for trader furniture, cafe business owners, furniture for hotels, furniture for hospitals or furniture for our homes. We give priority to professionalism in doing business. We have 6 main factories to complete orders from our customers. Supported by 2 showrooms as a gallery of products that we produce. Product information and prices for exports please contact our sales marketing. Thanks.

Outdoor Teak Wood Dining Table and Chairs

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