12 Benefit Using Teak Wood Furniture

Do you Know Teak Wood?

Who is not familiar with teak wood. Teak wood is the number one prima donna if it is used to make furniture. Teak wood is indeed known as wood that is very strong, has good fiber, and is very easy to shape. Teak wood has advantages that are not shared by other woods. The benefit of using teak wood furniture is that it has natural anti-termite substances.

The furniture craftsmen, usually rely heavily on wood raw materials to produce furniture. Usually, the craftsmen love teak when compared to mahogany. For the Indonesian market, Indonesian people prefer teak compared to mahogany. Mahogany wood is good, but in terms of quality, it is better for teak. In terms of quality, teak is the number one raw material for furniture. And mahogany is the number two raw material for furniture.

For European society, recognize teak with the strongest and most durable wood. However, teak is usually used to make the ship’s floor, as well as the exterior of the house. European people prefer furniture made from mahogany. Because European people know mahogany for interior space. European society usually likes classic furniture designs made from mahogany. Not only in Europe, but American society also prefers to use furniture that uses mahogany. For the people of Asia, for example, Malaysia, Brunei, Thailand, and others, prefer teak furniture to mahogany furniture.

The Benefit of Using Teak Wood Furniture When Compared With Other Wood

You should reconsider before deciding to buy your household furniture. below is a list of Benefit Using Teak Wood Furniture that you should know about that.

1. Very sturdy
The first feature of teak guest chairs is that they are very sturdy! The density of teak wood makes teak guest chairs very strong, making it resilient. This furniture from teak wood is even very resistant to fire.
2. Resistant to insects and termites
Teak guest chairs have solid wood veins, the hard and natural anti-wing resin that can repel insects and mold stains that can destroy wood.
Termite and insect resistant properties can ultimately increase the age of wood and are the reason why teak guest chairs are superior compared to other wood chairs.
3. Weather-resistant
Teak guest chairs are resistant to weather influences such as heat, sunburn, and rain. This is the reason why this type of wood is easily formed into an indoor and outdoor teak guest chair.
Although most people don’t explicitly pay attention to the nature of this wood, this is one of the reasons why people instinctively like the touch and feel of natural teak guest chairs compared to plastic or metal chairs.
4. Durable
With proper care, teak guest chairs furniture will hold for years (even over 100 years). This is the reason why we can still find antique teak guest chairs. If you want to buy the best quality guest chairs for families, then the best choice is teak guest chairs.
5. Resistant to decay
Teak has a very high density and waterproof so it is not easy to rot or porous. This is the reason why teak guest chairs can be very durable.
Teak guest chairs also have a natural resistance to some chemicals that are alkaline and acidic. That is why teak is not easily damaged or stained.
6. Has high stability
Another feature of teak guest chairs is the main structure of teak wood which is very durable because it contains silica, which helps to keep the teak guest chairs in their original shape, which causes the wood veins to not easily bend or contract.
7. Aesthetic appeal
Teak guest chairs are naturally very beautiful. Teak wood has a very high aesthetic value which is derived from a pattern of straight and tight wood veins plus a golden brown color and some natural patterns that add texture and appeal to the wood.
This natural beauty and uniqueness can be found in the look of teak guest chairs that are not easily available in other types of wood.
8. High value
If you want to sell old teak guest chairs then the results can be very profitable. So, even if you buy teak guest chairs today and sell them after 15 years, you still get very high prices as long as you take good care of them.
9. Hold moisture
Another feature of teak guest chairs is good resistance to moisture and water. Wood processing includes drying of wood obtained from teak trees, so as to reduce its water content.
Wood that is dried is not easily affected by climate change. Apart from its beauty, this is the reason why teak guest chairs are popular.
10. Ease of processing
Although hard and sturdy, teak wood is easy to cut and work. If you like carved teak guest chairs, teak is a fantastic material to use, because unlike other wood products, teak can be hand-carved that further increases its aesthetic value and selling price.
Most antique teak guest chairs often have attractive design patterns or shapes carved into the surface of the wood. Teak wood can also be easily sawed and cut to make teak guest chairs as desired.
11. Alloy that is compatible with iron and other metals
Teak guest chairs can be combined with iron or other metals. Its function is to prevent metals from corroding or rusting easily.
Teak wood continues to react to environmental changes and balance the moisture content with surrounding humidity. That is, if teak is in contact with iron and other metals, it is not easy to cause corrosion or rust.
12. Heavyweight
The guest chair made of teak wood is very solid and has a high volume to weight ratio.
This can be considered a beneficial trait because a very basic rule in woodwork is that if the wood is denser and heavier, it will become stronger. Due to its heavy nature, teak guest chairs are quite difficult to move from one place to another.

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