Antique Reproduction Furniture Makers

Antique Reproduction Furniture Makers

Antique Reproduction Furniture Makers. Welcome to Indonesia Classic Furniture. We are Jepara Furniture Manufacturer. For you lovers of classic and antique furniture. And are looking for antique furniture, but the price is extraordinarily expensive. We provide solutions for you. Namely by means of antique furniture reproduction. You just have to send us what kind of antique furniture you want to reproduce for your luxury home.

Have you always fallen in love with the baroque furniture at the Palace of Versailles? Want to decorate your home with historical furniture? Then antique furniture is the ideal choice for you. It doesn’t have to be kitsch or old-fashioned decor style, on the contrary, this type of furniture is very fashionable. In addition, we can often find it in combination with modern furniture. Antique Reproduction Furniture Makers

At Indonesia Classic Furniture, we love antique furniture, we love decorating our homes with items that take us to another era. We can combine our antique furniture with baroque style furniture such as baroque wooden tables, chairs with gold details or elegant crystal chandeliers. Feel like in a real palace when you enter your house! Get inspired by our best experts and turn your home into a place of dreams !.

How to identify antique furniture
The first thing we should pay attention to when buying antique furniture is whether it is genuine or imitation, because today there are many imitations on the market. An antique piece of furniture is considered so if it is more than one hundred years old, but this does not mean that all of this antique furniture is considered a unique handicraft. Not only antiques experts can appreciate the difference!

Antique Furniture Style

– Queen Anne: named after the Queen Anne of England and produced around 1705. The most distinctive design of this furniture is the seashell wood carving or fan on it.

-Guillermo y María style furniture: this furniture dates from the times of Guillermo de Orange and María Estuardo. Its main features are ball feet and multi-legged furniture.

-Chippendale-style furniture: popularized by the Lebanese scholar Thomas Chippendale in 1700. This style is characterized by carvings with intricate and intricate motifs and with legs resembling those of a lion or eagle’s claws.


The charm of the old dining room
The years have passed, but that doesn’t mean we can’t have space at home in an older, classic or vintage style, you name it. At Indonesia Classic Furniture we believe that in the world of decoration there are certain things that are not out of date. It all depends on the taste of being decorated, which is why we’ve put together a series of tips to guide you so you can recreate an old dining room in your home.

3 keys to decorating an antique dining room
When it comes to decorating an antique dining room, there are undoubtedly three keys you can’t avoid: antique furniture, wood, and antique accessories. Take notes one by one!

1. Antique furniture. Logically, in an old dining room, if there was something you couldn’t miss, it was furniture reminiscent of an older aspect, which is why antique furniture is your great ally. Guillermo and María style furniture, Reina Ana or Chippendale are already part of many collections of classic decor items. Combining them in the form of tables and chairs, the most important elements of a dining room.

2. Wood. Wood is a classic material for antique furniture and dining rooms. It not only adds a touch of distinction to a space, but also offers many different decorative options and enjoys limitless timeless beauty. If we had to give three reasons why to choose wood to decorate the old dining room, we would say: naturalness, warmth and tradition. These three things can be achieved by decorating with wood.

3. Old accessories. The accessories are ideal to provide 360 ​​degree rotation space. In the old dining room, you can pick out valuable antiques that give the room greater aesthetic value. Besides, what better place to display them than in the dining room at home? Chandeliers, elongated candles, large mirrors, porcelain vases, glass and wood cabinets, sophisticated decorative figures and classic paintings will be your best choice for an antique dining room.

DIY antique furniture
If we don’t have the budget to buy real antique furniture, we have two other options: get the same copy or redecorate the furniture we have at home and give it an antique look by aging the wood. We just need to sand the furniture, to make a rough surface; apply several coats of paint; wax on top, to get that worn look we go for it and finish the process by applying one more coat of white paint.

Apart from the uniqueness of furniture that has become part of history, antique furniture is a work of art that can be used as an investment. Likewise, if we get antique furniture for our living room, for example, it will be a key piece that shines in its own light.

Antique Reproduction Furniture Wholesale

If you want to make antique reproduction furniture. We serve antique reproduction furniture wholesale. We serve bulk sales. We export to all countries around the world. If you don’t mind, you can chat directly with our marketing in the live chat below. You can immediately send the photo you want to reproduce.

We have experienced furniture exporting since 1993. So now you are at the right furniture maker. We have completed many furniture projects at home and abroad. In addition, we have also completed a lot of bulk furniture orders from home and abroad as well. Both for personal and retail stores. Come on, hurry up to order furniture at our company. Our marketing is ready to serve you 24 hours. Consult your furniture needs via the live chat below. Easy process and lower price.

We are open to cooperation with any party. If you need a catalog, you can ask about the marketing of Indonesia Classic Furniture below. Greetings to your family at home. Hope you always be happy and always healthy. thank you

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